Within the scope of architectural projects; By working with Architectural Studios, Construction Companies, MEP and Project Design Companies, we redesign the AV scope of the projects from the beginning.

We understand their needs by handling each project from the beginning, and we are designing sustainable AV systems.






What We Do?

As the leading Group Companies of Professional AV Sector, we have been producing pioneering and innovative solutions for all our customers and solution partners since the day we were founded.

While addressing every segment of the sector with our different group companies, we are working on both retail and project sales in our country by closely following the world technologies.

Our office is located at four locations in Turkey with the services we provide. Our Doha and Astana offices, which also follow innovative projects in their regions, work as local offices.

sales in Turkey as the face of global brands, marketing, engineering, technical service and our integration with our customers’ complete unit we welcome all your needs.

Our Project Engineering Group in our Head Office in Istanbul; It produces sustainable, sustainable and development AV Projects with companies in different disciplines such as architects, Construction Companies, Project Contracting Companies, Electricity Project and Contracting Companies, MEP Companies.

Our expert integration team ensures efficient and complete integrations by providing coordination with our solution partners in all projects we work with.

Turkey’s leading construction and project companies, as well as the world’s leading architectural studio of his own design projects we’re involved in.